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Conference Minutes for Bethesda Baptist Church 1817-1865, Union Point, Greene Co., Georgia.  By mail Postage Paid. $30.00.  300+ pages.  Complete index of all members including slaves and owners. c. 1991. Paperback.  Compiled by Vivian Toole Cates.



WILLING TO DO LIMITED RESEARCH (particularly Cherokee Co., Texas) for nominal fee plus expenses as personal favor to other genealogists and family historians.

Designated Researcher for Cherokee County, Texas, including court house research in Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas.

Cherokee County Genealogical Society & East Texas Research Center, Steen Library, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

EXTENSIVE PERSONAL LIBRARY IN AREAS OF RESEARCH INTERESTS. Greene County, Georgia, Wills and Deeds on microfilm from beginning of county to after Civil War. 



ALLRED-Two separate lines of Allred in Randolph County, North Carolina, before 1800.One associated with Odell.  One associated with Cowart.

BALDWIN-Probably early Richmond Co., North Carolina, before 1790.  Moved to Georgia by c. 1803 or earlier. Associated with Spurlin.

BLACKSHEAR-Early Delaware to North Carolina before Rev. War. Jones County, North Carolina, before 1770.  Laurens County, Georgia; Henry County, Alabama; Houston and Trinity County, Texas, by c. 1855.

BURT-Randolph County, North Carolina c. 1750-60's and later.

BRADLEY-Abbeville District, South Carolina, in vicinity of  Long Cane Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church before 1845.  Pike County, Alabama, c. 1845 to 1887.  Houston and Trinity County, Texas, after 1887. Perhaps from Ireland 1790-1800.

BROWN-From Virginia To Iredell County, North Carolina, early 1800ís. Associated with Gay.

CATES-Maybe from North Carolina, but not proven. Also might be connected to Joseph Cates of  Fairfield District, South Carolina, from Council Journals of 1749-50.  Not proven.  Edgefield District, South Carolina, before 1790. Lowndes/Butler County Alabama c. 1823- 1889.  Angelina, Cherokee, and Nacogdoches County, Texas after 1889.

COLLIER-Surry and Randolph Co., North Carolina, late 1700's to early 1800's.  Migrated to DeKalb Co., Georgia, c. 1840's.  Migrated to Randolph Co., Alabama, by 1850's.

COWARD/COWART-Barnwell District, South Carolina To Mississippi c. 1823.  Georgia c. 1830.   Pike County, Alabama, after c. 1840.

DANIEL-Edgefield District, South Carolina, before 1820. Connected to Cates.

DOMINY-From South Carolina to Georgia before c. 1790 (Dominick,Domini, etc.) After 1790 Washington Co., Georgia; Wilkinson County, Georgia; Henry County, Alabama; Houston, Trinity, and Tyler County, Texas, after c. 1855.

FONDREN-Probably from South Carolina before 1800. Jackson County, Georgia; Houston County, Georgia, c. 1821; Henry County, Alabama, by c. 1830.  Houston/Trinity County, Texas, after 1870.

GAY-Iredell County, North Carolina, before 1800. Randolph County, Alabama, before 1850.

MANNING-From North Carolina, maybe Pitt County. Butler County, Alabama, before 1850.

MAYES-Stafford County, Virginia, before Rev. War.  Iredell County, North Carolina, by 1800.

NEWBERRY-Richmond County, North Carolina, c. 1790.

ODELL-From Randolph County, North Carolina, before 1830. DeKalb County, Georgia, 1840. Randolph County, Alabama, before 1850. Cut in Cleburne County, Alabama, 1870. Butler County, Alabama, 1880. Angelina County, Texas after 1900.

SPURLIN-Possibly Richmond County, North Carolina, before 1800.  Georgia before 1803.

Lansdale-Possible associated with Bradley in Abbeville District, South Carolina, in 1820.  Migrated to Pike/Montgomery County, Alabama, before 1850.  Migrated to Bradley County, Arkansas, before 1860.

Sims-Possible associated with Bradley in Abbeville District, South Carolina, in 1820.   Migrated to Southern Alabama.

Ward/Stout-Possible maiden names of Blackshear wives in North Carolina.

(Wifeís Side)

ALLEN-Virginia and South Carolina, specific places unknown. Philip Allen, Rev. War Sol.  Living Hancock County, Georgia, c. 1800 Clarke County, Georgia, c. 1803-1840.

BOOTH/E-St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia, 1740 or earlier.  Had arrived in Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, c. 1788 in vicinity of present day Trenton.

BOWLES/BOOLES, etc.-Double line from c. 1831 may be(???) North Carolina before c. 1790 Wilkes County, Georgia, c. 1787-90; Oglethorpe Co., Georgia, c. 1793-1799; Greene County, Georgia, c. 1799 to after the Civil War.

BRUCE-South Carolina(???) before 1790 Wilkes County, Georgia, c. 1790 to 1830's.

BUCKNER-St. Paulís Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, c. 1730-1760.  Halifax County, Virginia, late 1770ís-1800.

CARPENTER-Virginia(???)-New York(???) Moore (Cumberland County), North Carolina, c. 1760.   Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, 1803 -1900.  Richmond County, Georgia, after 1900.

CHRISTIAN-Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, c. 1815-1883 .

CROW-Possible North Carolina, county unknown.  Clarke County, Georgia before 1845 to 1870.  Greene County, Georgia, c. 1870 to after 1880.

DURHAM-Double line from two children of 1831 Greene County, Georgia, marriage of John Calvin Durham #1 to Sarah/S.S. Bowles/Booles.  Earliest record found of Abraham Durham St. Paulís Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, before 1784.  Wilkes County, Georgia, c. 1787; Oglethorpe County, Georgia, c. 1793-1812; Clarke County, Georgia, c.1812-1826; Greene County, Georgia, c. 1799 to present.

EDMONDS/EDMUNDS-Maybe Maryland before 1770's.  Halifax County, Virginia, by early 1770ís.  Wilkes County, Georgia, c. 1784 to present Greene County, Georgia, after 1880 to present.

FREEMAN-Greene/Taliaferro/Wilkes/Oglethorpe County, Georgia c. 1850.  Possible (?) Effingham County, Georgia, 1856-59.

GREEN/E-Barnwell District/County, South Carolina c. 1820-30 Richmond County, Georgia, 1862-65.  Cumbaa/Combe (other spellings) associated as step-father.

HATCHER-Virginia, back to William the immigrant. Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, before Rev. War.

LINDSEY-St. Paulís Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, c. 1730ís.  Migrated to Oglethorpe County, Georgia, c. 1794.  Cut into Greene County, Georgia c. 1799.

MALONE-Lunenburg County, Virginia, c. 1760ís; Halifax County, Virginia, 1795; Oglethorpe County & Greene County, Georgia, 1798.

POLLARD-Wilkes/Greene/Taliaferro County, Georgia, c. 1850 and earlier. Associated with Edmonds/Edmunds/Edmans, etc.

POWELL-Pre-1715-c.1760 St. Paulís Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.

RANDAL/RANDALL-Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, c. 1825 and earlier.

REYNOLDS/RUNNELS-Lunenburg County, Virginia, c. 1770; Halifax County, Virginia, c. 1795; Oglethorpe County, Georgia, c. 1798. Greene County, Georgia, c. 1799 and afterwards.

ROBINSON-Clarke County, Georgia, early Clarke County, Georgia, c. 1790-after 1860.

SHEFFIELD-Probable Virginia and Maryland connection before 1770.  Moore (Cumberland) County, North Carolina by 1770ís-1800. Associated with Carpenter.

SWEARINGEN-Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, before 1820-40.

TOOLE-Double line traced back to Bertie County, North Carolina, early c. 1750's.  Migrated by c. 1778 to Orangeburg District, South Carolina.  Old Winston District/County, South Carolina, later discontinued district.  Later became Barnwell District/County, South Carolina, c. 1778 to present Aiken Co., South Carolina.  Migrated to Georgia 1871-74.  Greene County, Georgia, c. 1874-90.  Oconee County, Georgia, 1874-80.  Later Richmond County, Georgia.

WHITLOCK-Virginia (???)-North Carolina(???) before 1790 Edgefield District/County, South Carolina, by 1790 to present.

Cumbaa/Cumba/Cumbia-surname of 2nd husband of Widow Green/e in South Carolina or Georgia or maybe Florida.

Sanders-Possible maiden name of Toole wife in Barnwell District, South Carolina

Treadway- Possible maiden name of Toole wife in Barnwell District, South Carolina

Thomas/Kelly-Associated with Buckner c. 1731 in St. Paulís Parish, Stafford County, Virginia

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